Marian and Timmy


Combine untouched California with a touch of South African flair and you have Marian and Timmy’s gorgeous Wiggy Ranch wedding in Carpinteria, California.  I loved the feel of Wiggy Ranch with it’s massive oak trees and lovely green spaces.  The oak trees created a canopy of natural lighting and which gave the ceremony and reception an organic and natural feel.  Marian and Timmy had traveled in South Africa and had fallen in love with the Protea flower, so as a designer it was so fun to incorporate those textured looking plants into wedding florals.  Safari Sunset, King protea, Pin Cushions, and Pink Ice and Mink were among my favorites. Of course we used succulents and lots of roughly cut wood to round out the look.  Especially love this wedding since Marian is my precious cousin!   She and Timmy are darling and they allowed me to think outside the box and strive for a look that was all their conception and idea.  Best of all, they drove off in my grandfather’s jeep, the jeep he used all those years as a Carpinteria rancher driving throughout the orchards.  He and my grandmother would have loved this wedding!

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